Web design refers to developing websites, individual pages (home pages) or the presentations that are posted on the Internet on the basis of precise criteria.
Being competitive is no longer a question of site development, but to be functional, consistent, responsive and optimized during the development.

We offer various types of sites and systems with which they are designed. It all depends on the purpose and functions websites should have according to the available budget.
CMS – content management system, most commonly used as it provides the administrator the ability to manage information and contents (texts, images, videos, etc.) very easily even without the knowledge of programming languages ​​such as HTML, PHP, CSS, etc. In case the client’s needs are beyond the capabilities of the CMS, we design a CUSTOM website, which includes the complete personalization of the graphic design, functionality, and ergonomics of (USER EXPERIENCE) project.

There are many factors which, if not taken into account, could adversely affect the proper functioning of the site and its usefulness. First of all, your site must be compatible with all internet browsers and viewed on all devices with different screen sizes (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.). The structure must allow easy optimization for search engines and have precise graphics, interesting and clear, that enables the visitor to have access to information and services in a fast and intuitive way.
These are just some of the criteria that are taken into account during our work, offering clients the highest quality and guaranteeing effective results.