Administration and maintenance of internet sites are important activities for the maintenance of competitive advantages and therefore deserve attention in their planning and execution.

Website as a marketing tool and other support, such as presentations in different formats, require continuous updating of content and form. Adding, removing or editing certain content such as photos, texts, descriptions and prices of products/services are time-consuming for companies that instead could leave these tasks to the experts, internally freeing up valuable resources.

Site maintenance provides for work aimed at preserving the safety of the project (includes the defense from viruses and hacker attacks).

Web browser updating can negatively affect the functionality of internet sites and to avoid this effect, they must be updated. Continuous updating of the site is necessary in order to ensure compatibility and power.

Another activity that requires a large investment in terms of time and that needs to be left to others is the guarantee of site “responsiveness”. This term means the compatibility of the site in terms of graphics when displayed on different platforms (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) in order to reach more effectively as greater number of clients as possible.

Permanent management and maintenance of the site facilitates the optimization process that is needed for better positioning of the same on the pages of major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.).