Plan of the package, as well as a description of the services that we offer, their usefulness and their composition are placed on our website. Our team is available for free consultations, if it is necessary, in order to choose the package that would best suit the promotion of your business.

Contract signed with ALLWEB Sagl shall remain in force and should be complied with until its expiration. If the client fails to make payment as defined in the contract, ALLWEB Sagl reserves the right to use the legal procedures and to retain ownership of the site and its contents until the moment of full payment.

The contract may be altered during the year in respect of the upgrade (additional services or increased frequency of services).

After the expiry of the first package and upon payment of the entire amount of the sums owed, the property of the site and its contents passes from ALLWEB Sagl to the client. If the client fails to make payment as defined in the concluded contract, ALLWEB Sagl reserves the right to pursue legal procedures and to retain ownership of the site and its contents until the moment of full payment.

All ALLWEB packages include services that are pre-defined by contract, while the payment in installments may also apply to individual services that have price higher than the 500- CHF.

The concluded contract regarding services is automatically renewed. In the event that a client wants to change it, it can be made less financially burdensome as there can be excluded some of the previous services, such as SEO, technical support, hosting, domain.
However, if the client decides not to continue the business relationship with us in any case, ownership of the site and its content pass from ALLWEB Sagl to the client.  Agreement concerning ALLWEB package ceases to exist after payment of the agreed sum.

The difference in the complexity of SEO services which are to be carried out and the frequency of optimization distinguish levels of service for Minimal, Regular, Business and Maximal.
SEO REGULAR: Search through the Google Trends and the implementation of key words in the text of pages of a given website. Projection of pages and site structures based on pre-defined rules of the browser.
SEO BUSINESS: besides the REGULAR package it optimizes the site through social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) in the form of inserts (Business Promotion).
SEO MAXIMAL: besides the BUSINESS package it creates and maintains a blog.

All packages can be further optimized with the insertion of a variety of links to the site of the client or their partners according to the possibilities of the client or resources of ALLWEB Sagl.

Organization of events, branding and trademarks, development and management of applications (apps). Applications for mobile devices, although they cannot be included in any package they are subject to the terms of payment that are defined individually.

Yes. The client can customize the package to their needs, by assembling and adjusting it by the selection of our services. We offer 4 pre-defined packages at a fixed price, while prices for personalization may differ and may require a comprehensive assessment of the project.

ALLWEB packages, even in current time of crisis, with their low price, enable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) not to give up on the effective marketing and advertising activities. Activities such as hiring a photographer to film or photograph your products or your business, translation of text or web page, or the actual creation of the website may be too expensive. Our packages that are paid in installments make it easier to manage the liquidity of the company.

ALLWEB package is our main product, developed to meet the needs of clients who want to create a website or want to develop other projects related to the online presentation of their business. The purpose of this package is not to burden your budget too much thanks to paying in monthly installments for a year at a good price. In addition to developing the website, we offer services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), technical support, management and maintenance, photo and video services, translations and the organization of events. The creation combined with pre-defined services defines 4 ALLWEB packages. You can also create a personalized ALLWEB package by choosing among the services the ones that you like.

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